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  • Solatube 160 DS & Smart LED 600mm Extension Tube Solatube 290 DS 600mm Extension Tube Solatube 160 DS parts view Solatube 160 DS installed

    Solatube 600mm Extension Tube

    Solatube Spectralight® Infinity Extension Tube - 600mm Length, Includes Tape & Screws  (Single) Our extension tubes are designed to enhance the performance of your Solatube daylighting system, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into...

  • Solatube 0-90° Extension Tube at 90° Solatube 0-90° Extension Tube at 60° Zero to 90° for any difficult installation Solatube Daylighting System parts view Solatube Daylighting System installed

    Solatube 0-90° Extension Tube

    Provides superior performance that flexible tubes can’t match. An innovative design with three built-in 30 degree angle adapters that give you the flexibility to install around obstacles. Available in 23 in. (580 mm) length.

2 of 2 Items